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Recruiting. Fundraising. School Levies. Academics. Sports. Arts. Achievement. Awareness. Inspiration. 


Across the nation and around the world, educational institutions face challenges including student recruitment, fundraising and messaging. GoodCity Concept’s schooldox can help as we capture your unique, rich and varied culture and tells your one of a kind story in a cinematic, compelling, and engaging documentary style.

Schooldox is effective because it works closely with you to tailor the film and story to your institution, your history, your strengths, and your students. Each film highlights the value proposition of your institution while accentuating your strategies and educational philosophy, giving viewers a varied, yet personal, glimpse of life with you.

Your project is designed from the ground up to be successful. Schooldox combines a clear communication style with visually stunning footage creating effective marketing and public relations assets for you to deploy as needed.

We’re not just filmmakers, we’re also online marketers. Because ROI is important, especially in the educational setting, GoodCity can develop, implement and measure a targeted digital media strategies for your institution enabling your film to generate a tangible response from a desired audience, helping you increase the quality of your responses while lowering your cost per student/lead.

People are going to hear your story in everything you do. Make sure your story is told your way and with your message.

Lets get started today.

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