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GoodCity uses corporate video production for businesses, big and small, to determine their most effective video marketing strategy and implement that to the fullest in an exceptional video. Corporate videos can range from training/demonstration videos designed for new employees to interview videos that help to build a reliable consumer base. Using a well-targeted, quality corporate video on a business website to establish identity, explain and sell products and services, or to promote an event or tradeshow increases traffic and time spent on a web page.

For our smaller corporations, we have created a “Small Business Package” that includes the essentials for an amazing HD video that works with your budget. Any businesses that make under $500K qualify for this package and receive: a creative EQ6 planning session that helps to sift through ideas and intentions to illuminate the best path for your video, on location shooting with interviews, and three videos under 2 minutes each. This package is around a four-day process from planning to completion, which helps you to not only market in a cost-effective way but also provide amazing videos in a timely manner so you can start marketing as soon as possible.

Contact us today to start planning your next video project.